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Let's build the symbol of friendship and unity together!


The Penza Region is a multicultural and a multiconfessional region. Since early ages its inhabitants regardless of their religious views and nationality defended the boarders of the region. They worked to make it a prosperous one and helped each other in good deeds.

To build the house of Allah is a dream of everyone who professes Islam. Since summer 2010 the building of the Penza Cathedral Mosque in Pobeda Avenue has begun. It will be a place where the believers can offer prayers to God. Everyone has a chance to take part in its building.

The Charitable Fund of  the Development of the Tatar Ancestry “Siyaniye” was created in autumn in 2010  in order to facilitate in the erection of the Cathedral Mosque in Penza.

Thanks to the Muslim religious organization of Penza “Cathedral Mosque” and the Fund the money for the beginning of the building were raised and we are going to go through with it.

The Penza Cathedral Mosque must be build by the 350th Anniversary of Penza!

The initiative of the Muslims was supported by the Penza Region Governor Vasily Bochkarev. He headed the Board of Trustees of the Charitable Fund. The members of the City Government Ivan Belozertsev and Roman Chernov didn't stand back as well.  Even The Bishop of Penza and Kuznetsk Veniamin expressed confidence that the Mosque would become a symbol of unity and friendship of the people of our region.

The building of the Mosque keeps going thanks to the donations of the citizens and organisations. And we are sure that a lot of the Penza citizens will make possible donations to the building of a new Penza Cathedral Mosque.

The information about each donator will be placed on the site of the Fund. And then, when the building of the Mosque will be finished, the names of the donators will be published in the book of remembrance.

The Mosque built on the donations will be not just a place for the Muslims to make prayers but a real place of attraction of the city!

Best Regards,

the Board of Trustees and the Administration the Charitable Fund.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Fund:


  1. Vasily Bochkarev – the Head of the  Board of Trustees,  the Penza Region Governor
  2. Shamil Baturshin – the Co-chairman
  3. Kamil Devlikamov – the Co-chairman
  4. Tagir Abdrashitov
  5. Ravil Abubekirov
  6. Ryustyam Abkhairov
  7. Rustyam Agishev
  8. Bakir Akzhigitov
  9. Ildar Akchurin
  10.  Ryashid Alyushev
  11. Kasim Gafurov
  12.  Rustyam Irtuganov
  13.  Rasheed Isyanov
  14.  Ali Kudyushev
  15.  Zakhir Kurmayev
  16.  Dzhafyar Kuryaev
  17.  Zyakizhan Kuryaev
  18.  Rafail Usmanov
  19.  Rasheed Hayrov
  20.  Medoris Hamzin
  21.  Gumer Hasanshin
  22.  Rafik Shabanov
  23.  Zyakyarya Yakupov


The members of board of directors of the Fund:

  1. Zhigansha Tuktarov – the Chairman of the board, the Deputy of the Penza City Council
  2. Rafik Ibragimov  - the Co-chairman
  3. Ravil Salyukov - the Co-chairman
  4. Ramil Zelimov - the Co-chairman
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